Da Nang has been voted one of the top 15 world destinations by the New York Times. We have a lot of reasons for this amazing prize. But many young travelers also wonder “What interesting things to do in Da Nang city” Here is a list of “Top Activities for young travelers in Da Nang” that you should know when you’re young. Follow me to find them out.


Dragon Bridge

  1. Tasting all the city’s snacks

Da Nang is known not only as a popular tourist destination, but also is famous to foodies as a “Culinary paradise”. Coming to Da Nang, we have many kinds of delicious foods to try as avocado ice-cream, Quang noodle, kinds of snails, many kinds of cakes…. Where could we find them? It’s easy to find foods around Da Nang at Helio night market, Asia cuisine zone, Con market, Han market…or local restaurants.

Then let’s take around Da Nang – Food heaven is waiting for you with adorable price.

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  1. Drinking milk tea at Nguyen Van Linh street

Recently, we could not deny that milk team looks like a part of young people’s life. And Da Nang is one of the place that you will be surprised with a lot of milk tea shops with many brands. Then Nguyen Van Linh street is the most popular street for milk tea lovers.

  1. Backpacking- Phượt

Nothing is better than getting on a motorbike with good friends and backpacking around Da Nang city in a sunny day. Let’s discover some wonderful places such as Bana hills, Son Tra peninsula, Marble Mountain, Hai Van pass. There are also opportunities to take many awesome photos.

  1. Drinking at bar, why not

Are you looking for some thing to do in Da Nang by night?  Luckily, Da Nang’s most popular nightlife spots often stay open as late as 03:00, featuring talented DJs spinning funk, EDM, house, and trance tunes as well as live bands covering your favourite classic rock songs. For Roof Top bar, you can go to Sky 36 or Brilliant Top Bar where there are wonderful views with nice drink. New Phuong Dong Nightclub has fun-loving crowds and lively atmosphere which is really good to play overnight…

  1. Sitting at coffee shop in early morning

When we were students, sitting at coffee shop in early morning was one of my favourite things. Some people said it wastes our time but in fact it was a great way to have a fresh morning. There are plenty of places to choose from, whether you want to relax with a book, or work in a peaceful environment – you will find really amazing coffee shops in Da Nang.

  1. Checking in “with all famous tourist spots in Da Nang

Da Nang is a gift from heaven that there are beautiful beaches, peaceful rivers, majestic mountains, sacred pagodas… in around 30 km. We can easily catch all destinations whithin 2 days. Don’t forget our travel blogs to get more information of each places.

  1. Joining a Cooking Class

Let’s complete your trip in Da Nang by learning how to cook Vietnamese food with friendly family. Jolie Da Nang Cooking Class is one of great suggestions you should do in Da Nang. Not only cooking great food, you also have chances to do many interesting activities: garden farming, river fishing, market visiting, coffee tasting and… friend meeting.

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