What brings you to Danang? Is it the friendly people and beautiful scenery? Or maybe the abundance of unique foods? If you are a real food-inspired traveler, here are the Top 5 Foods To Eat In Da Nang


  1. Mi Quang (Quang Noodle)- Top 5 Foods To Eat In Da Nang

Quang is name of the region made up of Danang and Quang Nam. The name Mi Quang means the Noodles of the Quang people, and is famous throughout the country. Mi Quang is rich in flavor and has little broth compared to other types of noodles in Vietnam, such as the internationally recognized Pho. We are mixing noodles with natural turmeric which gives them their unique flavor and yellowish color. The dish is often served with fresh herbs and peanuts on top.

  1. Seafood- Top 5 Foods To Eat In Da Nang

When visiting Danang, you should take every opportunity to try the seafood here, unless you’re allergic to it. Even though Danang is a large, economically robust and well-known city, the seafood here is reasonably price. Moreover, our seafood is some of the freshest in Vietnam. It’s because of Danang’s long coastline and its large, modern fishing industry. Seafood is available at most big restaurants in Danang, especially the ones located on Vo Nguyen Giap Street along the beach.


  1. Banh trang cuon thit heo (sliced, boiled pork rolled in rice paper)- Top 5 Foods To Eat In Da Nang

Sliced, boiled pork rolled in rice paper is the most recognizable dish in North Central Vietnam. It’s the place where rice paper is a part of the region’s culture. Small slices of boiled pork are placed on a moist piece of rice paper along with other types of herbs before the rice paper is rolled up. We eat this dish with hot chili fish sauce. There are two main types of fish sauce that are used. The first is a clear, yellowish sauce and the other is anchovy sauce, which is tastier and smellier.

  1. Oc hut (snails)- Top 5 Foods To Eat In Da Nang

It is a popular type of a street food here. We usually boile and then stir-fry with hot chili and lemongrass. This will give the dish a hot and savory taste. Moreover, because of its reasonable price, Danang’s students really love this dish. To properly enjoy this food, avoid using spoons or chopsticks. Use your hands instead, as the locals do.

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  1. Che xoa xoa hat luu (xoa xoa hat luu sweet soup)

Xoa xoa is made from seaweed, so it is thought to be good for our health. It is also good for our wallet, because it is the cheapest local dish you can find, costing around 10,000 VND for one serving. Hat luu means pomegranate, although no pomegranates are actually used in the dish. Instead, there are some tiny pomegranate-like ingredients made from flour.Coconut juice and cooked, ground green beans make to give the dish more color and distinct flavor.
This is just Top 5 Foods To Eat In Da Nang  you should not miss however, there are still a lot of local foods in Da Nang waiting for you to discover. Let’s do our Da Nang Walking Food Tour

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