If sushi makes people think about Japan, Pho is the greatest way to introduce Vietnamese cuisine. So, how could we find the best places for Pho in a Food heaven as Da Nang city? Living in Da Nang for more than 10 years, I believe that my eating experience could help you to find “ Top 5 Best Places for Pho in Da Nang


Pho in Da Nang
  1. Phở Lan Beo restaurant

Talking about Pho in Da Nang, we could not forget Lan Beo restaurant. The owner- Mr Lan Beo (Lan is his name, Beo means Big) is friendly. He has opened this restaurant since many years and now his restaurant becomes a popular place for people there. There are many different type of beef choice that must have in your bowl of Pho.

  • Their Staff are enthusiastic and friendly
  • The restaurant is not really big, but the space is cool inside
  • There are many different types of pho that we can choose such rare beef, done beef, ripe beef…
  • The price is very reasonable
  • There are many other utilities such as free car, wifi, air conditioner …

Useful Information:

Add: 8 Ly Tu Trong, Thach Thang, Hai Chau district, Da Nang

Phone number: 0912 667 600

Price: from 20.000 vnd-50.000 vnd

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  1. Pho Quan

The first impression of Pho Quan restaurant is the ambient. The restaurant is decorated in green and black colors. Pho Quan brings special taste of Pho- the mixture between traditional Pho and new style in cuisine. And there are 6 types of beef pho that you can choose. Pho Quan is famous Pho brand in the Central ( Hue city and Da Nang city)

  • The location is easy to find
  • The atmosphere is impressive in green and white colors.
  • The restaurant is very clean
  • The service is really great.
  • There are many kinds of drinks
  • The price is very reasonable compared with other restaurant
  • They have delivery service.

Useful Information:

Add: 77 Hàm Nghi,  Quận Thanh Khê, Đà Nẵng

Opening hours: 6.00am- 1pm and 4pm-11pm

Web: http://phoquan.com/

  1. Pho Bac 63

The restaurant was opened in 1985 with secret family’s recipe. Thanks to the restaurant’s reputation, Pho Bac 63 has many local guests who think about Pho, they will come to this restaurant. Pho Bac 63 is worthy and becomes the best pho brand in Da Nang

  • The taste is really great with special broth, tender & juicy beef.
  • The English menu is available although staff could not speak English
  • It’s located in the heart of Danang city
  • The staff are so nice and accomodating.
  • Tip to have egg: they serve the yolk in your bowl. You can eat the yolk itself before having the pho; but for me, i love to mix the yolk to the soup to make the soup thicker and stronger taste.

Useful Information:

Add: 203 Dong Da st, Da Nang

Price: 30.000 VNĐ – 70.000 VNĐ

Opening hours: 6.00 am- 20.30 pm

  1. Pho 29- Pho Ha Noi

The owner is very friendly and hospitable. They are from Hanoi where you can find authentic pho. The restaurant uses top quality beef in this bowl of pho. It’s a quite small space with limited tables and chairs.

  • The restaurant is small but clean
  • The owner is very friendly and welcoming
  • This shop has natural flavour bombs in every dishes.
  • The price is extremely affordable
  • This place is nearby Han market and Pink Church.

Useful Information:

Add: 39 Trần Quốc Toản ,  Quận Hải Châu, Đà Nẵng

Opening hours: 5:30 am- 22.00

Price: 30.000 vnd-50.000 vnd

  1. Pho Ha Thanh- Ham Nghi

While the traditional Pho is with beef, there are also the modern adapted version with chicken. They have a special mixing sauce that is secretly hidden under a good serving of Pho and chicken.

  • The restaurant is quite small but it’s comfortable
  • There are 2 types of Pho: Beef and Chicken.
  • The staff are friendly and welcoming
  • The price is reasonable

Useful Information

Add: 129 Hàm Nghi, Da Nang

Opening hours: 6.00 -22.00

Price: 20.000vnd- 50.000 vnd

Pho is diversified in kind and taste depending on regional culture. In Da Nang, there are many Pho restaurants, the list above is just our recommendations. If you want to know how to cook Pho, let’s join Jolie Da Nang Cooking Class.

Pho in Da Nang

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