Wandering around Da Nang at night and looking for something interesting to try? Or you wonder about “Favourite place for teenagers in Da Nang” It’s Tien Son Sports Center or UFO Da Nang.

I am trying to bring you the picture of a place where most teenagers gather at every night, where you could observe all kinds of activities including dancing, eating out, doing exercise and even dating. There are no worries for not having your space at this location. What you should prepare are your bestie, some drinks and stress that is ready to let go. Thus, UFO Da Nang stands out of the pool.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho khu tiên sơn đà nẵng
What to do in Da Nang by night

UFO Da Nang is located in a golden position that would amaze you with all types of its strengths as well as its story. 

How to take to UFO Da Nang

Riding a motorbike to the west to UFO from Han River Bridge may take you 10 minutes as they are about 5km in distance. Though this Cam Le region is not great in animation in daylight compared to Hai Chau or Thanh Khe District, but when it comes to night time, there is nowhere else could bring more joyfulness to the table than this. This is because UFO and its surrounding areas are must-visiting locations that attract the youth the most. Once you’re at UFO, you could easily wander around HELIO Night Fair that are ablaze with lights or you may also cross the street to enter lovely Da Nang Children‘s Palace and even go far to the east to experience extreme games in Asia Park. 

What to do here?

But that is not the intention of this post. I am so sorry for those who are living in Da Nang without a time sitting down on the ground of UFO but still insisting that they know all about Da Nang just like the back of their hand. 

The show should be started after you enroll in its entrance on Phan Dang Luu Street, you could not miss it cause motorbike gathering point will catch your sight. Kids with their just-in-rent transports would scare you with their speed and driving talent as to what people often say: Once you play, play it cool. Looking for somewhere to have a seat? I would definitely go straight to the second floor without hesitation if it was my choice cause I believe that the higher I am, the nearer to heaven I would be. 

On the way to heaven, if seeing couples sitting on the stair and if that boys flirting their partners disgust you, dancing clubs with lively music as well as people going for a workout will pep up your journey. I would usually take a right and then circle UFO two third of its circumference to find a perfect match for a chill out party with my bestie. My preference is for a rest place on the stair where street lights will guide your life without worrying about human disturbance. Lay out the table with some drinks and snacks that you’ve carry along, get ready to enjoy live music performed at HELIO Night Fair and start your party. 

The moment staring at night sky but not seeing stars might somehow disappoint you a little bit, but then you would soon realize that a combination of wonderful music, street lights and your partners in crime would never let you down.

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