When kids are stuck indoors due to inclement weather, parents are often faced with the challenge of keeping them busy. Thankfully, with a positive attitude and a bit of imagination, your options to pass the time are endless. Encourage your kids to try one of these fun and educational pastimes the next time they need something to do- “Create Your Own Fun When Your Family Is Stuck Indoors”

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Learn a New Dance Move

Healthy Families BC explains kids need ways to expend their energy as part of their growth and development. What better way than with dancing? Dance sessions can be impromptu glides and twirls on the kitchen floor accompanied by the radio. You’re sure to get your kids giggling if you join in the fun, too! 

Dance sessions can also be inspired by online tutorials. Try out something beautiful and relaxing, like ballet. Or go for something a little crazy, like street dance. 

Make Your Own Fashion Show

Gather together some clothes and costumes and challenge your kids to create a new fashion! Dress-up can be a lot of fun, even for the boys. When everyone is all decked out, make a runway out of towels and let them model their unique styles. Don’t forget to snap pictures!

Try a Different Art Method

Find an art project that uses materials and methods you’ve never tried before. You can use materials you already have in your home. Create salt-dough ornaments, build a toothpick sculpture, or paint with marbles. Think outside the box and venture into a world of unusual creations.

Relax with Read-Aloud Time

A good family cuddle-up on the couch or in front of the fireplace is the perfect time to rest and read a great story. Warm up your best reading voice with a family classic, like The Swiss Family Robinson, an art mystery like Chasing Vermeer, or a stack of great picture books from the local library. If you are stuck indoors and can’t find a good book at home, try reading aloud an eBook on your phone or Kindle.

Cook Up a Storm

When the weather is blowing outdoors or it’s beastly hot, take advantage of a comfortable kitchen by creating a fantastic meal with your whole family. Try a recipe that includes something unusual or modify an old family favorite. Create individual pizzas or make grilled cheese sandwiches with new ingredients. Don’t forget a yummy dessert to top off the meal.

Make a Fort

When it comes to in-home fun, Red Tricycle points out a homemade fort is a tried-and-true way to get your kids working together and having fun. Forts can be made from tables and chairs, blankets, end tables, couch cushions, or big cardboard boxes. Gather together some supplies (clips and scarves are particularly useful) and let the kids build to their hearts’ content. If one fort isn’t enough, create several and hold a fort competition. Or a fort-building race. Or a fort-building family video. The options are endless!

Find a New App to Play

Even parents who worry about too much screen time can agree that there are a lot of fun educational apps for kids. If your child needs a break, help him or her find something new to play. It could be a geography game, a logic puzzle, or a word game. Apps that keep their interest and make learning enjoyable can be a real lifesaver on an inclement day.

When you turn to a phone or tablet to keep your kids busy, you want to be sure your device is safe. Enclose it with a waterproof case. Sloppy food spills, art disasters, and smudgy fingers will not destroy your smartphone or tablet when it has a case. For example, the LifeProof case offers great protection without hindering the use of touchscreens, buttons, or cameras. Get the technology you need to brighten up an indoor day without ruining your device in the process.

A rainy day is a great opportunity to let your imagination soar right along with your kids! Get into the action and enjoy some quality indoor time together. A family interacting together is a family making memories together.

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