Hoian is one of the famous historical places that listed by UNESSCO’s heritage site. With many ancient buildings, temples and assembly halls, it can bring you back to a glory time of a maritime merchant port of South East Asia from 15thcentury. Beside the historical places, there are also many activities to do in this enchanting area. Let’s check Top things to do in Hoian below

Go shopping, especially tailoring:

Famous as a merchant port, Hoian used to be a wonderful place to exchange silk, ceramics and spices. People here had a great knowledge about fabrics and the way they been used in different parts of your clothes. You can have the tailor- made clothes that fit every inch of your body, with the cost of the ready-made clothes. There are more than 600 tailor shops in Hoian. If you looking for fine tailoring, my recommendations are Yaly, Bebe and Adong silk.

shopping in hoian

Cycling trip to the countryside of Hoian.

Besides the city, Hoian is also famous for its scenery villages such as Kim Bong village, Tra Que village, An My village. If you are confident with your cycling skills, you can easily get a bike from your hotel with/without charge. It will be leisure to cycling along the road cross rice paddies. Then you go to vegetable garden in Tra Que, or cross the prawn farms from Tra Que to An My village with spectacular scene. If you can driving cross the river to Kim Bong village, via the metal bridge or on a local boat. The local boat used to be ferry, but now they just used the small boat since the bridge was built.

It will be a wonderful ride where you can know more and learn more about daily life of locals, different traditional ways of making wooden boat, carving wood, making rice paper and weaving sleeping mat. You can do it with some company that do bicycle trip, or with the volunteer students, or explore it by your own.

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Doing food tour.

For all food lover who want to discover plenty of the delicious local dishes here, so food tour is a must! There are many famous food in Hoian such as white rose dumpling, Vietnamese baguette or Banh My, Cao Lau noodle salad etc. You can discover those dishes by your own. But I would like to recommend you do it with a tour. It is not just about food, it is also a great way that you know more about the life of local, and different story behind the food.

I took Jolie evening food tour with is a great combination of tasty food, excellent guide – our dear Lucy, and the short walk cross the local shortcuts, alley roads. The amount of food is great, and the food are super yummy and hygiene, and especially we can explore the old town in the evening with some traditional games and a short river cruise on little sampan then releasing lanterns.. Thank you so much Lucy not just for making our stomach happy but also making a wonderful and memorable experience

Trong hình ảnh có thể có: 4 người, mọi người đang cười, mọi người đang đứng

Enjoy the beautiful beach of Hoian.

The beaches in Hoian are not as long as the beaches in Danang city, but it is still in a very well preserved condition. From Hoian city, it is around 4-6 km to the 2 common beaches now : An Bang beach and Ha My beach. I prefer An Bang beach because of its well facilities. You can go swimming, then chilled in a bench, sipping your drink or enjoy your beer when the sunset is coming. That is my favorite relaxation.

There are many service supplier, who will lease you a bathing chair. Or you can go to some restaurant. There are Soul kitchen restaurant, the deck house an bang beach or shore club an bang beach where you can enjoy the drink and using their chairs. 

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