Cooking with Jolie, you will see how much she loves her home foods. For Jolie, it’s an unexplained joy from cooking and sharing the dining passion with people. So Why Jolie Da Nang Cooking Class Different? Let’s check details below

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Yes, you are reading it right. Unlike other classes which are organized in a small room or restaurant, Jolie cooking class has their own space set up in Jolie’s house where she lives with her husband, children and some students who are not in good family condition.

Once you visit a local’s house, you will immediately see the difference. It’s where you can observe the daily life, what is grown in their garden, how people interact with their neighbors. Moreover, you are going to be a part of them, cook Vietnamese foods in a Vietnamese kitchen.

It sounds tempting, right? But it’s still not the end!

Prepare yourself for a trip to local vegetable gardens, a fishing village where you can learn how to be a fisherman, a local market and try to bargain like a master.

Have you watered your garden? I’m sure it’s a new experience when you do it in Vietnam. During a visit to a neighborhood vegetable garden, you can grow, water and take care of the herbs by yourself. Once you come there, you will not want to go back.

Another big difference between Jolie cooking class in Danang is that we will bring you to a local fishing village where you can act as a real fisherman: throw the net, wait for fishes, admire the beauty of nature. I really can’t think of anything better than this for a day out!

Does Han market sound familiar to you? Yes, every cooking classes have mentioned, and it’s TOURISTY. With the goal of bringing the authenticity to our customers, we will take you to somewhere else, another “real local market” where people in Danang go shopping for food every day. Again, prepare your stomach as you are going to tase some of the best seasonal fruits right at the market.


If others only offer the free pick-up service, Jolie cooking class does care about your comfort by providing free drop off. Now, don’t need to worry about how you are going to get back, we are here to serve you!


Not many cooking classes in Da Nang could offer diverse menus, this is one of the reason for question ” Why Jolie Da Nang Cooking Class Different?

Are you tired of the same menu all over the time? How’s about Mon-Wed-Fri and Tue-Thu-Sat menu for your choice?

Yes, we invest our time and effort to create as many options as we can so that you can freely pick the one you prefer.


People have difficulty in cooking Vietnamese food when they come back to their  but don’t worry, Jolie and her family has prepared the ingredients that can be found in your own country. Now, you can come back home and proudly cook Vietnamese food for your best ones. It’s also to remind you about the unforgettable you have had in Vietnam.

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