Da Nang is one of the best cities in the world to travel. In summer, it’s so wonderful to lay down on the beaches and enjoy blue sky…And even in rainy season, we still have many interesting things to do there. If you wonder “What to do in Da Nang in rainy days”, this post would be helpful for you.

  1. Visiting museums in Da Nang

Da Nang Museums are places to display quite a lot of materials, pictures, valuable objects about the history and culture of Da Nang city and its surrounding areas. In the rainy days, you can catch a taxi to get to the famous museums such as Da Nang Museum, Museum of Cham Sculpture, the Fifth Military Division Museum. These are the internal-city tourist sites which are famous for their unique architectural designs and the highlight of their rich history.

Da Nang Museum shows more than 2,500 valuable materials, photographs and exhibits about the history and culture of Da Nang and its surrounding areas.

  • Address: 24 Tran Phu Street, Thach Thang Ward, Hai Chau District
  • Ticket:   Free for children.  Adult: 20,000 – 40,000 VND
  • Opening time:  Morning: 8 – 11.30, Afternoon: 2 – 4.30 (Tues – Sun)

Cham Museum is houses the world’s largest collection of Cham sculpture. It is the only museum of its kind in the world dedicated to the Champa era and was founded during the colonial French rule in 1915

  • Address: 22 Thang 9 St., Hai Chau Dis., Da Nang
  • Ticket: 40.000VND
  • Opening time: 7 AM – 5.30 PM (Mon – Sun)

 Fifth Military Division Museum is one of the impressive destinations of Danang. It is the largest military museum in Danang and stores nation’s historical monuments

  • Add: 03 Duy Tan Sreet., Da Nang
  • Ticket: 40.000VND
  • Opening time: 7.30AM – 10.30 Am . 13.30PM– 4.30PM (Tues – Sun)

Ho Chi Minh museum displays photographs and articles about Ho Chi Minh’s life and career.

  • Address: 3D Nguyen Van Troi Street., Da Nang.
  • Open time: 7 a.m -11 a.m & 1.30 p.m – 4.30 p.m
  • Ticket: 20.000 VND
  1. Watching the rain from cafe shop

 It is great to sip a cup of hot coffee in a beautiful coffee shop or a nice bar while watching the streets of Da Nang in the rain. This is really romantic and funny! Travelers will have unforgettable memories with these experiences

There are two kinds of coffee like black coffee and milk coffee. At only 10.000 – 30.000VND, you can enjoy a cup of coffee with a nice view and beautiful photos.

Some nice view cafes, bars in Da Nang you can refer to: Da Nang Souvenirs & Café, Skybar, Memory Lounge, Cloud Garden Café or Patio café… Coming here, you can enjoy good drinks in peaceful atmosphere with favorite songs. You also buy gifts for family and friends. If you want to discover local life and local culture, Long coffee or Café Pho is one of the best choices.

rainy days in Danang


  1. Enjoying a Spa Treatment

Having a spa treatment is also a great ideal for travelers in the rainy days. Da Nang has a lot of Spas including hotel’s ones. If you need more information about Top Spas in Da Nang, let’s check this guide Top 10 Best Spa in Da Nang 

  1. Visiting Da Nang’s Shopping Malls

One of things that we should do in the rainy days is to go shopping. Da Nang is a shopping heaven. There are some big markets with various items such as cosmetics, clothing, souvenirs, handicrafts, Han market, Con Market…You should come there from 9.00 am- 5.00 pm. Don’t forget to make a bargain.

If you want to go to big shopping malls, Vincom plaza, Big C supermarket or Lottemart are good choices.

5.Taking a trip by “Xich Lo” around the town

Getting around Da Nang by “Xich Lo” in the light rainy days is a perfect opportunity for travelers to discover the city in a fun way. Sitting on Xich Lo with covered raincoat, you will see the streets slowly passing by and feel the Da Nang’s peaceful life. It encourages Vietnamese Xich Lo to remain as a true cultural icon.

The price of 80.000-100.000VND/hour, you can have a safe and convenient trip. Some of spots you can get Xich Lo: Bach Dang Street, Orient Hotel, Bamboo Green 1, 2, 3…

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  1. Watching movie

Watching movies is also a good suggestion for you to spend rainy days. You will have an enjoyable experience when watching films with your family or your friends in cinema. Some of cinemas you can come: CGV Vĩnh Trung Plaza, CGV Vincom, Starlight Da Nang, Galaxy Cinema, Metiz Cinema…

  1. Relaxing indoor activities

Da Nang is always the paradise of relaxing activities. It offers so many attracting indoor activities which are suitable for both adults and children. There are some interesting indoor attractions: Helio, Big C, Lotte Mart, Co.op Mart or Indochina zone. There is also dining area, where you can eat and drink and relax with your Iphone in hands.

  1. Joining cooking class

Cooking class is one of the exciting activities in Da Nang. Joining this class you have chance to learn how to cook the local foods of Vietnam, get the market experience about source of ingredients. In addition, you can participate in gardening activities, fishing, visiting market, meeting friends…Jolie Da Nang Cooking Class is great ideal for you.

  1. Doing a food tour.

Besides the attraction of beaches and mountains, local cuisine contributes to make Da Nang so attractive that travelers shouldn’t miss out the chance to enjoy the most delicious foods in Da Nang. Doing a food tour to experience the felling of Da Nang life. Our guides will help you discover a lot of delicious local food and local life here- Best Da Nang Food Tour. 

  1. Doing charity activities.

Doing charity activities are meaningful activities for the community.  Travelers can easily spend several hours to visit some centers such as Orphaned Center, Social Protection Centers in Da Nang. This activity help travelers have deep feeling about social life in Viet Nam. Let’s go and enjoy your trips.

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