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What to do in Da Nang in rainy days

Da Nang is nice in all seasons with its own characteristics. If you travel to Da Nang in the summer season you are delighted to visit, explore and bathing, then travel in the rainy season also have your own interesting experience. This post would be useful to answer the question “What to do in Da Nang in rainy days“.- Jolie Da Nang cooking class

1. Visiting museums in Da Nang

Da Nang Museum is a place to display quite a lot of documents, images, valuable objects about the history and culture of Da Nang city and its vicinity. In the rain days, you can catch a taxi to get to the famous museums such as Da Nang Museum, Museum of Cham Sculpture, Fifth Military Division Museum. These are the internal-city tourist sites which famous for their unique architectural design and the highlight of their rich history.

2. Watching the rain from cafe shop

It is great to sip hot coffee in a beautiful coffee shop or a nice space bar while watching the streets of Da Nang in the rain. This is really romantic and fun! These experiences not only make less bleak rainy day but also leave travelers with unforgettable memories that anymore.
Some nice cafes, bars in Da Nang you can refer to: Da Nang Souvenirs & Café, Skybar, Memory Lounge, Cloud Garden Café or Patio café…

3. Enjoying a Spa Treatment

Having a spa treatment is one of the great ways to spend that rainy day. Most hotels in Da Nang have their own onsite fitness and wellness centers, where you can enjoy massages, facials, scrubs, and hair treatments at reasonable rates. If you’re out in the city center, local day spas are plentiful and most of them are close to prominent landmarks.

4. Visiting Da Nang’s Shopping Malls

One of the things to do can’t be ignored that is shopping in the rainy days. Some of the places you can get as Han Market, Con Market. There are hundreds of stalls selling local handicrafts, tee shirts, and prepacked food items at attractive prices. If you prefer to shop for gifts in a more comfortable setting, then Lotte Mart Da Nang and Vinh Trung Plaza are our top picks.

5. “Xich Lo” around the town

Getting around Da Nang by “Xich Lo” in the light rainy days are perfect opportunity to feel the Da Nang’ peaceful life. You can see the cities from different angles and encourage Vietnamese Xich Lo to remain as a true cultural icon.

6. Watching movie

Why not movies in rainy days? I’m sure you can’t feel the rain outside anymore while you are busy watching films. Da Nang has a few nice movie theater like CGV inside Big C, Lotte Mart, Vincom, Helio…Don’t forget to buy some popcorns and drink while watching movie

7. Relaxing indoor activities-

Da Nang is always the paradise of relaxing activities. It offers so many attracting indoor activities which is suitable for both adult and children. We have some interesting indoor attractions such as Helio, Big C, Lotte Mart, Co.op Mart or Indochina zone. There is also dining area in the area, where you can eat and drink and relax.
Let’s go and enjoy your trips.

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