Most tourists going on Danang local tours tell that they are deeply impressed by the markets here. Danang markets are well-known for their product diversity and reasonable price. If you are going to Danang market, here are some useful notes for you.

Danang markets that you should go

When coming to any tourist destinations, we always want to buy and enjoy the best things there. Many people say that if you go on Vietnam tours, never forget Danang and if you visit Danang, never forget Danang market.

Danang has many amazing local markets.
Danang has many amazing local markets.

Con market

Con market is one of the biggest Danang markets. Located at the centre of Hai Chau district, Con market has over 2000 small stores which offer a huge amount of products. Tourists can find nearly everything they need here, including the small stuff, clothes, shoes, electrical appliances, drinks,…

In front of this Danang market gate, there are many “ganh hang rong”. They are very small places where people make many delicious foods and sell immediately

If you get a chance to undertake Vietnam tours, you will see many “ganh hang rong” all around this beautiful country. “Hang rong” is sometimes perceived as a small business. It is simple to start this kind of business: you are good at doing something and then sell it.

Remember to try foods at “ganh hang rong”.
Remember to try foods at “ganh hang rong”.

Han market

If you stay at a hotel near the city centre, remember to go to the Han market. Han market has two floors with a total area of 28.000 square metres. More than 576 stores and 36 kiots make Han market the most diverse and bustling shopping place in the city. Han market is said to be the must-go Danang market when foreign tourists go on Vietnam tours.

Han market and Con market are among the best well-known markets in Danang. There are many bustling markets that you can consider: Hoa Khanh, Hoa Cuong, Bac My An, Dong Da, Moi, Tan Chinh, Mai Tho Quang, Ha Than.

Things you must remember when going Danang market

Tourists can see many markets across this beautiful country. The first time coming to Danang market may make tourists, especially the foreign ones, feel confused.

How to go to markets?

As you do not know much about Danang market, the simplest way is to taking a taxi to go. The fee to go around the inner city is never more than 8 USD. Here are some popular taxi companies: Tien Sa Da taxi, Mai Linh taxi, Song Han taxi, Hai Van taxi, Huong Lua taxi,… You can also rent a motorbike so to be more active during your Danang local tours and to discover the best food paradises.

Buy products with listed price

This is the most important thing you must remember, not only in markets here but also all the markets in your Vietnam tours. There are many stores in each Danang market which offer the same types of products. The board of market management always inspects all the stores and commands the sellers to list the price for each item. However, it is still hard to put everything in control.

Some stores always cheat consumers by pulling the price up. If tourists do not pay attention, they may buy the same product at a high-rocket price. Remember to bargain before making any purchasing decisions. You can start by asking the sellers to reduce 20% of the price. Being careful and smart when buying!

Han market and Con market are the best places to look for specialities.
Han market and Con market are the best places to look for specialities.

Bargain is necessary

A more complicated thing is that in Danang market and even all the market in Vietnam, there are many types for the same products. For instance, dried squid, there are type 1, type 2, type 3 and type 4. They seem similar but different in quality. The lowest price does not always mean the lowest quality. However, you should not buy too cheap products to avoid the buy-just-to-watch case. So it will be better if you have a local citizen to go with you.

Danang specialities are offered at most markets. You should go to the big one like Han, Con, Hoa Khanh,…for specialities like mam, dried seafood, nem tre, beef sausage. If you are a food lover, Bac My An will be your must-to-go market with many foods offered at a low price.

Danang market is definitely an amazing part of Danang local tours. However, to best enjoy the shopping experiences here, there are critical things you must remember.

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