Top things to do in Danang city is a very popular question that many tourist concern when they travel here. With many attractions for visitors, this city become more and more popular spot for both domestic and international travelers. These are list of the famous things to:

The beaches in Danang city:

With over 25km of the shore, Danang is such a paradise for beach lovers. There are a lot of public beaches, with nice facilities, benches, shower places. And Da Nang also has sea sports such as banana boat, jet sky and parasailing. You also feel safe on swimming due to the help of safe guards from 6.00 to 20.00 every day. You won’t be harassed by local vendor which is one of the great experience on this place. It’s not usually happens in other places in Vietnam. They also have famous beaches in the past such as Red Beach – Bien Xuan Thieu and R& R beach or My Khe beach.

You are not allowed to bring food to the beach. However there are many restaurants around for seafood feast or just simple meal.

Please make note that there are 2 sides of the beaches here. One side at My Khe beach, Pham Van Dong beach, T20 beach, My An Beach and Non Nuoc beach. And other side contains Xuan Thieu beach, Nam O beach. 

My khe beach

Bana hills:

This mountain resort with the golden bridge has been selected to be 100 places you should visit in 2018 by Time Magazine. It’s the stunning view from the golden bridge. And spectacular cable car ride with mountain view, and Europe Village or French Village, Amusement park, Banahills definitely brings a memorable trip to you. 

Ticket price: 700,000 vnd (around 33 usd/person) for cable car ticket, funicular service, flower garden, most games in amusement park. There are many restaurants and food stalls here. You can select buffet lunch in Aparang or Lavender restaurant with the cost of 235,000 vnd or 12 usd/ pax; or enjoy a la carte food at Caucasus grill restaurant or many other selections. 

How to get there: you can go with taxi, private car or motorbike. There is no public bus to go there unfortunately. 

Mable mountains:

Those mountains are a cluster of 5 mountains which represented for 5 basic elements: metal, water, wood, fire and earth. 

Located 7 km from city center of Danang, you can go there by taxi, private car, public bus (line Hoian – Danang) and motorbike. There are many nice places to discover. Thuy Son – mountain of water, Am Phu Cave or Hell Cave and Stone Sculpture village are very interesting.

Ticket price for Thuy son is 40,000 vnd/ person + elevator ticket costs 15,000 vnd/ way

Ticket for Am Phu Cave cost 20,000 vnd/ person.

Hai van pass:

Well known as one of the most spectacular passes in Vietnam with total length of 20km, this pass road will bring just a wonderful view back to Danang city. It is even getting more popular after the BBC show called Top Gear 2009 was broadcasted. If you are confident with your riding skill, you can hire a scooter and enjoy your own ride. Or you can book some motorbike rider that happily brings you around this pass. Passing Hai Van Pass and visiting to Langco for a seafood feast are not a bad idea. You should be careful on the top of Haivan pass, where many buses and car park with complicated traffic.

Sontra peninsular or Monkey Mountain.

This peninsular is other option if you love the combination between mountains, sea view and the beauty of nature. Before putting the first step on this peninsular, you should not miss the boat pier near the mountain foot with fantastic view of fishermen. You can see daily activities, basket boats and fishing boats. Going to Linh Ung pagoda with 67m tall of Lady Buddha or Goddess of Mercy and the shore of Danang city stretching over marble mountains will make you amaze. Then if you keep riding or driving along the new road leading to Intercontinental resort, you can see monkeys or douc langur.

This peninsular is just a hidden gem from the busy city of Danang. You can find Dinh Ban Co (Chess Board Peak), Nha Vong Canh, Helicopter landing spot and many other places. Going here with assistance of local rider is highly recommended. In case you are adventurous enough to ride yourself, make sure you have a reliable scooter with enough fuel. Because there is no mechanic shop or fuel station on this peninsular.

Going to Hoian ancient town:

Located 30 km from the south of Danang, Hoian is very famous for its ancient town as a heritage site by UNESSCO since 1999. You can go here by local bus (Danang – Hoian line from 6.00 to 17.45) or private car or motorbike. Spending time on walking around streets, discover local market with many amazing stalls of goods, Chinese Assembly Halls, museums, Private ancient house and Japanese bridge, you will feel like you was brought back to 17thor 18thcenturies with the ancient architecture here, which is a nice combination between Vietnamese, Chinese, Asian and French styles.

Ticket to visit the historical places in Hoi an is 120,000 vnd including 5 different places to visit, so you will decide which place is in your favorite list. Remember to ask English or your language brochure that give quite good information about different places. Food and coffee shop in this town is also very diversity with different kind of food and many good coffee shops around.

Enjoy local food

There are many selections of food in Danang city, from seafood, My quang, Banh Xeo and other yummy food. You can try it with our list of Top 10 restaurants in Da Nang or book a food tour to enjoy all of good local food here.

Cooking Class

If you don’t only love eating the local food but also want to make them back home, cooking class is always a good idea for you. There are many cooking classes in Danang city for you to choose. But in general, people love to attend at Jolie Da nang Cooking Class for a fantastic experience. You don’t go to a fancy well decorated cooking place, you go straight to local’s kitchen and learn how to cook like the way you learn it with your grand mom or your mother .

best cooking class in DA Nang

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