Da Nang is one of the most attractive destinations in Viet Nam. Beside the highlight spots in this city such as beaches, Bana Hills, Hoi An ancient City, Bridges… there is one spot which is worth visiting for travelers: Son Tra Peninsula.

Son Tra Peninsula is 10km away from the center of Da Nang city, belongs to Son Tra District, Da Nang City. This is a pristine forest with year-round cool climate and beautiful natural landscape. It is well known as a precious gem or tourism magnet of Da Nang. Coming here, travelers will have chances to enjoy and explore the landscape along the coastline: neglected sea, white sand, mysterious primitive jungle with a diversity of plants and animals.

Best time to visit Son Tra Peninsula is from March to September. This is the most suitable time to discover all sceneries here.

Transportation to Son Tra Peninsula:

Son Tra Peninsula is only 10km away from the center of Danang, so you can get there by motorbike. This is the best way for you to get to the high hills. Make sure that the motorbike has good brakes and full of petrol for your trip.

  1. Linh Ung Pagoda.

Linh Ung Pagoda is the first stop for travelers. This is an ancient temple with unique architecture, which is combined with the spirit and the modern. The highlight of this temple is the statue of Lady Buddha- the highest statue in Southeast Asia with the height of 67meters and 17 floors. The Buddha Lady statue looks toward to the sea and protects the people from winds and storms. Standing here, you will have amazing view to contemplate entire area of ​​Son Tra peninsula.

Some tips:

  • Respectable-dress when visiting pagoda
  • Take off your shoes when coming in sanctum
  • Best time to visit is in early morning or afternoon
  1. Giant Banyan Tree.

Giant Banyan tree is considered as one of the most attractive spots in Son Tra peninsula. More ever, it is named “village patriarch” of mountain. It is estimated to be almost 1000 years old. At present, the tree is over 26m high, the foliage is luxuriant. There are 26 roots that have grown down to form secondary trunks supporting the massive structures for trees. Following to the legend, this is the place where the fairy often chose to have fun whenever descending on earth, so this banyan tree has its’ rare beauty.

Some Tips:

  • Shouldn’t get to the Giant Banyan tree at rainy days because the road to this spot is slippery
  • Shouldn’t sit on the roots
  • Don’t brake the branches and leaves
  1. Chessboard Peak

Follow the winding road, travelers will get on the chess board peak. Here you will enjoy the cool air with the fresh natural scenery. It features the bronze statue of a fairy man playing chess. From here you can enjoy panoramic views over the city.

Tips: It is exciting to get Chessboard peak by motorbike but it is quite adventurous in the rainy days.

  1. Indochinese Eyes (Heliport, Radar Station)

Indochinese Eyes is a place to save the vestiges of the war. It includes Heliport and Radar Station. It’s aimed to serve many different fields such as military aviation, navy, civil aviation. You can’t visit this station as it is a military area but it is a great idea for you to enjoy the scenery and beautiful photos on its way.


  • Located on the mountaintop, covered with clouds so that you need to pay attention to the speed of ride to ensure the safety.
  1. Seeing the red-shanked douc

On the Son Tra peninsula, there are many kinds of wildlife such as deers, monkeys … The famous one is the red-shanked douc in the Monkey Passage. They seem shy and don’t interact with people. To be able to observe this animal, you should carry binocular or go hiking in the hills to see whole families of them. The Monkey Passage has the most beautiful views in the whole Peninsula.

Useful Information:

– Light clothes, shoes or flip-flops (there are a lot of gravels, sands and rocks)

– Carrying binoculars to have good view of Son Tra Peninsula

– Taking water and some snacks.

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  1. Tien Sa beach

This is one of the most beautiful and pristine beaches of Son Tra Peninsula and located in the north of it. According to the legend, the fairies often go to this beach to have fun whenever descending on earth. From there, people call it Tien Sa beach. Coming here, you can fully immerse yourself in to the sea and have the best relaxations.

Useful Information:

– Free entrance

– Should rent a motorbike or get Grab App

– Taking sunscreen


  1. Dong Dinh Museum

The Dong Dinh Museum – The Memorial Garden – has become a unique cultural destination for visitors.  The ancient values are reappeared vividly with the harmonious combination between the preservation forest ecosystems and art culture.

The exhibition space consists of four main zones: antique exhibition zone, work of fine art exhibition zone, fishing village memorial house, ethnographic exhibition house. Each zone has its own characteristics that give a deep impression for visitors when coming here. Moreover, this is a spot of exchanging, organizing small events among researchers, the collectors, artists, and a special space for people who love art culture.

Useful Information:

  • Add: It is on the left of the road to Linh Ung pagoda.
  • Ticket: 20.000VND
  • Opening time: Fri, Sun, holidays or book tour.
  • Have no guide
  1. Black Rock

Nestled on the north side of the Son Tra Peninsula, Black Rock is unusually neglected. There are many black rocks lying alternately or stacked to create beautiful views. Especially in the rocky area, there are beautiful spaces like artificial lake. Covered by large boulders, the water here is always green with the mild waves, this is exciting ideal for travelers to swim. In addition, travelers can take part in group of fishing, diving to see coral.

How to get there:

It takes more than one hour to get Son Tra Peninsula from Da Nang City. To get to this spot, you can depart by waterway, starting from Han River, across the Tien Sa port bridge, through the Tien Sa beach, then Black Rock ahead.




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