Pink Cathedral is the most famous cathedral church in Danang city by its unique gothic architecture. With 70m height, this church is also well-known with the name Nha Tho Con Ga or Roster church/ Chicken Church based on the weather cock on the top of its bell tower.

Please note that the main gate of this church at Tran Phu street is open occasionally, so you’d better go to the back entrance at Yen Bai Street. Visit this church in Sunday morning is not recommended because it is ceremony time.

Location: This is a good place for photo taking in front of the church. This church is very similar with the other normal churches in the other places but as you like taking photos, it should be one of the top destination in Da nang to check in!

Best time to visit: Early morning or Late afternoon

Things to do at Pink Cathedral

Take some beautiful photos

With its pink facade in gothic style and its immense height of 70 meters it creates an intense picture. This is a good place for photo taking in front of the church.

There are many couples who have come here to check in and take wedding photos especially the tourists who are from China and Korea.

Enjoy Mass 

If you’re looking to visit this church for Mass, make sure to head there early due to limited seats. Entrance to Da Nang Cathedral is also free of charge.

You can check mass time below

  • Weekdays:  5.00AM and 17.15PM
  • Saturday:  17.15
  • Sunday:  05.15, 08.00 (Children), 10.00 (English), 15.00, 17,00, 18,30


Things to do around Pink Cathedral

After a visit at Pink Church Danang, there are some places you can do a quick visit:

1. Han Market

(300m from the church): Built from 1935, this market has become one of the most popular markets in Danang city by it convenient location. You can find tons of local products here such as coffee powder, dried seafood, Vietnamese pork sausage, souvenir clothes or cheap foot wares. The fruit shops here is terrific for fruit lovers.

2. Cong Café (150m from the church):

Located at 39 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, this coffee shop is not only gorgeous in decoration but also great in the drinks. They serve a wide selection of local drinks, with the most favorite – Caphe cot dua or coffee with iced coconut cream. This drink can save you during hot summer days!

3. Cham Museum: 2.7 km from the church

If you want to discover the old history of Champa kingdom, and learn more from Hinduism, so this is a place you should not miss. Built in 1915, this museum hold the biggest collection of sculpture reliefs, statues about Hinduism and Buddhism from 4th to 13th century of Champa kingdom. They also offer audio tour service for this museum.

4. Big C: 2km from the church

This is the most famous supermarket in Danang city where you can buy a lot of products for your friends and family.

Credit card is accepted in this super market.

5. Con Market (or Danang central trade market) – 2km from the church

This market is even better for real foodie. They have a wonderful food court in the afternoon that you can find a bunch of local food. Fruit, cooking spices, and local speciality are the

Pink Church

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