Jolie Da Nang Cooking Class - Taste of Danang!

Jolie – Not Just A Cooking Class

Jolie Da Nang Cooking Class

JOLIE - Not Just A Cooking Class

Well, when it comes to a cooking class, we usually think of a room full of people trying to follow the direction of the host and finish their dish with not much satisfaction.

In Jolie house, it will be different. It’s not only a cooking class, but it’s also


Yes, you are reading it right!

No shorter way to experience the way of living in one place by digging into its food background. At Jolie’s house, she will teach you the traditional, local and authentic lifestyle of the Vietnamese people. Stories about Vietnam, historical events of her hometown will be told for a deeper understanding of Vietnam’s culture.


As mentioned before, the cooking class will be hosted in Jolie’s house with the participating of her family members. You cook with them, share the meals with them and tell each other daily stories. It’s just hard to explain that feeling, the feeling when you meet someone the first time but feel like you have known them for long through the conversation.

At the end of the day, you become a part of her family. You are cared for and loved by all of them.


As a developing country, Vietnam is still on its way to recovering from the war. Therefore, you may see some people hardly access a higher living standard. But they are always happy, cheerful and grateful for what they have. From the fishermen to the gardeners who work under heat for hours, they appreciate the little things in their life.

Is this what we should learn from them? Finding happiness from little things.

For those who still consider what’s next in your journey to Danang, Jolie cooking class has all you need to experience a real Vietnam.