“Where do we go shopping in Danang” is one of the popular questions when we are visiting Da Nang city. And Han market would be the first place in our mind. Let’s Jolie Da Nang Cooking Class help you to discover why we choose Han market and what we could find there.

Location: 119 Tran Phu Street (main entrance). Other entrances: Hung Vuong st, Nguyen Thai Hoc st and also a riverside of Bach Dang st.
It’s around 700 m to Han River Bridge, 850m to Dragon Bridge, 190 m to the Pink Church

Opening hours: 6.00 AM- 7.00 PM

Brief History:

Why named “Han market”- That’s because it’s nearby Han river. The market was officially opened in the 1940s by French. Then it was rebuilt in 1989 with a completely new look. The design inside makes the market’s atmosphere spacious and refreshing. It’s totally different with other busy local markets.

What to explore at Han Market?

Outside Han market, you are easily finding flowers and fruits market on Nguyen Thai Hoc side. This side is so colorful with a lot of tropical fruits coming from many provinces. The price is cheap if you know how to bargain. Another side is selling handicraft souvenirs as bamboo bags, bamboo hats and even fishing rods…

Inside: There are 2 floors inside Han market

The first floor:

This place is a dreamland of any Vietnamese girl. As there are a lot of local snacks: candies, cakes, dried fruits, dried seafoods…You also find some food souvenirs/ specialties include: Chili paste, Pork/beef sausages, Ly Son garlic, dried rice paper, Vietnamese coffee…The lady shoppers could speak basic English, Chinese, Korean…It’s enough for a commercial communication. They have shown prices on products but you should make a bargain. How many percentages for that bargain? From 30-10%

There are also food stalls at the first floor. A lot of local foods as Quang noodle, Fish cake noodle, many kinds of cakes, banh xeo… The price is from 10.000 vnd- 30.000 vnd. The tastes are quite good- but it’s not as good as in some other local restaurants.

The second floor:

The second floor of Han market is also a heaven of any girl (not only Vietnamese girls, I think it’s for all ladies in the World hahaha). You will find many types of shoes, clothings, bags, cosmetics… The prices are affordable and the shoes are of good quality. On the opposite side of the floor, men sitting there will repair or make shoes just for you.

Best time to visit Han Market
Normally people will recommend to visit in the morning when we could see a colorful market. But morning is also too busy time for shoppers. They would not be happy if we stay there for long time to take photos or bargain. In Vietnamese culture, the first guests are very important in day as they might bring luck or not for that day.
So I would recommend you to visit Han market around 11.00 am- 16.00 pm.

How to visit Han market:
As Han market is located in the center. It’s easy to visit there by motorbike, car. However, you should note that car could not be allowed to park at this area.

If you want to know more about Han market, let’s join Jolie Da Nang Cooking Class. Our local tour guide who was born there is very knowledgeable and funny will make sure you have a greater trip in Da nang!

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