A few years ago, traveling by train in Vietnam was not a good choice for foreigners because of old train and quite bad services. However, recently the Vietnam trains have been upgraded and their services are much better. That’s the reason why many people want to choose to experience this type of travel transportation. If you are curious about Da Nang Train Station, this guide would be very useful.

Da Nang Train Station Location:

Address:  200 Hai Phong Street

Danang Train Station is about 3 miles (5 kilometers) from the Dragon Bridge.

It’s about 30 km from Hoi An Old Town

Ticket hours: 7.30 AM- 7.30 PM

Payment: cash only

How to get there:

From Da Nang: you could take a taxi, grab or book a private car to Danang train station.

From Hoi An: A private car is a good choice to get there. It’s around 14 USD/ 1 way.

Or it’s easy to get a taxi or grab from Hoi An to come there (It is a bit more expensive than private cars to be sure).

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Best way to come to Hoi An from Da Nang Train Station:

You can book a private car in advance.

There are a lot of taxis waiting at the exit gate outside.

Another way is to take a public bus. When you get out of the station, you can easily arrive at Le Duan street where you can find a blue bus sign indicating the destinations and direction (Danang- Hoi An) with sitting place that you can take and wait for it. Here please look for the yellow buses with clear destination sign of ‘Hoi An’. Local price is around 20.000 vnd/ pax (Maybe they will ask you to pay a bit more than locals)

Da Nang Train station facility and service

Da Nang Train Station is the biggest and the best railway station in Vietnam Central. It has been upgraded with the new air-conditioned lounge which can afford 200 passengers.

There are clean toilets, bathrooms, telephone boxes…

Restaurants, small bar and mini-mart are also available to serve travelers.

Where to eat around Da Nang Train Station:
  1. Fried Rice Gia Vinh

Add: 241 Hải Phòng, Tân Chính, Thanh Khê, Đà Nẵng, Vietnam

Opening hours: 8.00 AM- 10.00 PM

  1. Roasted Duck Hanh Van

Add: 215 Hải Phòng, Tân Chính, Q. Thanh Khê, Đà Nẵng , Vietnam

Opening hours: 8.00 AM- 10.00 PM

  1. Pizza Hut

Add : 319 Le Duan st, Da Nang, Vietnam

Opening hours : 10.00 AM-10.00 PM

  1. Noodle soup Thuy

Add : 236 Hải Phòng, Tam Thuận, Q. Thanh Khê, Đà Nẵng, Vietnam

Opening hours: 6.00 AM- 9.00 PM





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