When people mention about Vietnamese food, beside Pho, Spring rolls and Fresh spring roll, Banh My (or Vietnamese baguette) is also very popular. It is a very simple combination: a crispy load of bread that needs to be crispy and warm outside but soft inside, different types of meat to be stuffed, pickles, vegetables, herbs and gravy. It’s all the  soul of our Banh My. Below is the list of the Best Banh My in Da Nang

  1. Banh my Ba Lan

Adress: 62 Trung Nu Vuong Street,  Hai Chau Ward, Danang city

Open: 15.30- 23.00 (everyday)

Price: from 3000 vnd for plain bread to 18000 vnd for an assorted bread

They spend all morning just to prepare the best ingredients for their Banh My. Their salt and black pepper are made with their special recipes. With huge selection of homemade pate, mayonnaise sauce, ham, Vietnamese plain sausage or cinnamon sausage, beef sausage, herbs, green chili and spring onion, it can easily satisfy most of the foodies.

Furthermore, their  Bánh mỳ que or stick bread is also nice to try. It is long, tiny, fully filled with mayonnaise, pate , pickles and a piece of pork fat.

best banh my


  1. Banh My Ong Ty

Adress: 272 Hùng Vương, Hải Châu ward,  Da nang city

Price: from 10,000 vnd to 20,000 vnd

Open: 15.00- 23.00

This stall of Banh my is just for meat lovers. It is so simple: a load of crispy bread, cuts of chả or Vietnamese beef sausage, chili flakes and pork gravy.  The key of this baguette is the beef sausage that is made with family secret recipe of Mr Ty, owner of this stall.

  1. Banh Mi Co Chi

Address: 45 Phan Đình Phùng, Hai Chau Ward, Danang city

Opening time: 8.00- 12.00, 15.00- 21.00

Price: from 8000 vnd for a basic load or Banh my Ga

This tiny lovely food is such a great idea for afternoon snack. A round small bread, with mayonnaise, pickles , herbs, pork can make your empty stomach more than happy

  1. Banh My Bich: Banh my with roasted pork

Address: 447 Trung Nu Vuong Street, Hai Chau Ward, Da nang city

Open: 7.00- 11.00

Price: from 10,000 vnd per banh my

This is a casual stall, only opens  in the morning. With a simple vendor, she makes one of the best banh my heo quay – Vietnamese baguette with roasted pork in Danang city

She will fill your starving stomach with a full load of bread, with roasted pork, herbs and cucumber, sesame seeds, fried shallot and gravy.

  1. Banh My Ma Hai

Address: 56, Ông Ích Khiêm, Da nang city

Cost: from 7000 vnd to 10,000 vnd

There are plenty of the fresh seafoods in Danang city. Anchovy is one of the best seafoods here. With the creativity, the local people already knew how to create a wonderful combination of bread, herbs, pickles, crispy anchovy and the sweet- spicy sauce. You can hear the pop after every bite

  1. Banh My stall at 73 Huỳnh Thúc Kháng , Hai Chau ward, Da nang city

Price: around 10,000 vnd

If you love both bread and dumpling, this food is over your expectation. That is a magical mixture between the crisp of bread, chewy taste of dumpling, fresh from herbs and pickles, spicy and savoury taste from the sauce.

There are 2 types of dumplings: one is filled with shrimp and pork; other goes with mung bean paste. You can select one or both types to put in your banh my. It is simply phenomenal!




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