Hoi An is one of the best cities in Vietnam for travellers who are looking for a mix of culture and sea-side. If you are staying in the beach area of Hoi An, and looking for a nice bar to chill out with a great view, here is list of the top bars and cafés with sea views in the An Bang area:

Soul Kitchen

Address: An Bang Beach, Hoi An (on the left side as you face the ocean)

Opening time: 08.00 to 23.00

This is a great place for chilling out and relaxing after all of the beach activities or just a place where you can lay down, take a sip of beer or a cocktail, enjoy food and feel the breeze from the ocean. You also can go there, take a seat, order food and drink, take a swim on the beach and come back when your orders are ready. The shower room there is a bonus. If you go there in the evening, it is fun as they have live music performances.

The cost of food and drink here is little higher than many other local places, but they are definitely worth the money. Try some mini burgers, pasta, icy beer or a mojito and you will have a wonderful time at An Bang beach

The Deck House An Bang beach

Address: An Bang Beach, Hoi An (next to Soul Kitchen)

Opening time: 07.00 to 22.00

If you are looking for a nice seaside restaurant/ bar for lunch and chilling out, this is one of the spots that you should not miss. This place firstly impressed me by its trendy decoration of blue and white, comfy benches, umbrellas and a stunning sea view. You will never feel let down with their fast and friendly staff, good vibe, and mouth-watering food served at a reasonable price. Have an icy mojito or beer with some tuna steak-delicious. You can easily spend the whole day here.

Beach Village Restaurant

Address: 6B Block, An Bang Beach.

Opening time: 10.00 to 22.00

Located 5 minutes from the popular tourist beach area, this little restaurant is a hidden gem. They have a wonderful sea view, with a nice selection of seafood and drink. The local food seems to have a fair price costing from 60—70,000 vnd (around $3.5), local beer for 20,000 vnd (less than a dollar) and they have a good selection of cocktails and other drinks. This family run restaurant prepares great fresh seafood dishes, they are renowned for the grilled fish in Banana leaf and grilled scallops topped with peanut and onion. If you want to find a place to enjoy a fresh cold beer, great seafood with an amazing sea view, this place is one of the best choices for you.

Soul Beach Restaurant& Bar with live music

Address: An Bang Beach, on the left side as you face the sea.

Opening time: 07.30 to 23.00

This is a wonderful bar and restaurant with a good selection of cocktails, food and other drinks. They have seaside tables in the less touristy area, friendly staff and free sunbeds and, most important, a great vibe. Imagine spending all afternoon swimming and sunbathing, then enjoying wonderful live music with great food and drink. There are far worse ways to spend your day!

Dolphin Kitchen and Bar

Address: An Bang beach, Hoi An (right side if you are facing the sea)

Opening time: 08.00 to 22.00

This place is not only a seaside restaurant and bar, it is also a trendy place that has been decorated with colourful windows, low sofas and a nice grass surface. They serve you a good selection of mini burgers, sandwiches, snack, salad, icy beers and freshly made cocktails. The free sun loungers and towel are a bonus if you want to spend all day here chilling out, sun bathing and relaxing. The staff  are friendly and always try to make you happy and satisfied. It is not too far from the busy area of the beach where local vendors (plenty of them) come to persuade you to buy their wares.


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