Bana hills has become so popular since the launch of its viral Golden Bridge since 2018. If you are looking for a nice place to enjoy the view of Danang city, spectacular design of buildings and constructions, and the stunning beauty of nature, so Banahills is one of the best places you can visit.

Located around 50km from Danang city, this place was discover by a French captain- Captain Debay in 1901 on the journey to find the summer resorts. they really built a town on top of mountain with many villas, wine cellar, and other constructions for their summer holiday. Unfortunately most of the buildings were destroyed in 1945. Since 2007, a private company called Sungroup has built a long mono cable car system that created a nice tourist attraction – Bana hills mountain resort.

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1. How to get there:

There are many ways to come to this popular tourist attraction:

a. By bus: there is no public bus from Danang city, you can book the shuttle service from many companies. The price of this method is quite reasonable ( around 6usd/person), but you have to follow their schedule.

b. By taxi: you can ask help from your hotel receiption to book a taxi there. There are many taxi brands in Danang such as Mailinh (green cab), vinasun ( white and green) tiensa ( the yellow). please make sure they turn on the metter and double check before you leave the car. Communication is bit difficult because most of taxi drivers dont speak English well.

c. By private car: there are many companies in Danang offer the private car service to bring you there, wait for your visiting and back. Since Bana hills has a new car parking for 4 and 7 seaters car, so i highly recommend you keep in touch with your driver or tour operator to make sure the driver is always there and get ready for you.

d. By motorbike: if you have motobike license and feel confident on riding a motorbike, you can spend 1-1.5 hour of driving from city center of Danang to Bana hills. The road is quite nice condition, you just be careful with other vehicles and the last windy path that lead you to the bike parking. From bike parking you can walk to ticket counter or use free buggy service.

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2. How to get ticket:

There are many way to get ticket to visit Bana hills:

a. Line up and buy the ticket at usual: when you arrive to Bana hills, you will see 2 ticket counters. The one on your right side is the retail one with the official price of 750,000 vnd per adult for cable car ticket. During weekday usually you dont have to line up, but during weekend it is quite busy, so you probably have to.

b. Buy it online via their official website , filling the queries and complete the payment with their clear instruction, and receive an electrical ticket to your email. You only show this e-ticket to ticket controller in Bana hills.

c. Buy it via travel agents: there are many agents that sell ticket online, you can contact to them to reserve ticket, and complete the payment in Bana hills at the agent ticket office or phòng vé lữ hành. 

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3. What to see there:

This is the map:

Bana hill map
Golden Bridge

There are plenty beautiful spots in Bana hills that may take you the whole day of sightseeing with your excitement. I usually depart from station Hội An to Marseille station, then take a short walk. Then you will see the famous golden bridge on your right hand side. When you walk on this bridge, one of 100 places you must see in 2018 by Time Magazine. You will enjoy a breath taking view back to Danang city, the spectacular mountains, the sunshine, the breeze from nature.  

Then you can move to other side of the golden bridge, take a visit to a relic of ancient villa, with was constructed from 1919 for the relaxing purpose of high ranked French officers. The falling wall, old garden, broken chimney will bring you back to the past days.

Le jardin d’amour ( garden of love)

You can walk through the colorful road than been cover by mosaic glass. Then heading to Le jardin d’amour ( garden of love) with 7 different themes. You will be attracted in different styles of decoration by different type of flowers and plants. a walk to the secret garden or green maze is quite fun.

After 7 differents garden, you can visit the wine cellar then been built since 1923 by French to preserve their precious wine. It is the first and the only wine cellars that been made in Vietnam. 

A visit to the statue of Shakyamuni and Linh Ung pagoda is a nice way to understand more about Buddhism and the religious life of locals. From the side of Linh ung pagoda, you can observe the nice view to mountain and to French village that been build on a higher hill of the mountain.

French Village with a lot of things to see

Then you walk back to the beginning of Le Jadin D’Amour and get on the funicular with a nice ride down hill to the lower funicular station. Then you move to station Debay to take the cable to French village, don’t move to Bana station to go down unless you want to end your trip soon.

At the French village, you can visit Linh Chua Linh  Tu, the temple for goddess of mountains, with the peak of Bana hills at 1487m (updated to 1489m), the tea house ( Tru Vu Tra Quan) or the amusement park with over 70 different indoor and outdoor games that been included in your ticket.

Last but not least, you can start to come back from station Indochine straight down to station Thac Toc Tien, then you just need to use escalator to move to ticket station, and then to your car or bike parking area.

3. Tours to Banahills:

If you don’t want to think about those places, or worry about the transportation to go there, don’t hesitate on contacting us. We can tailor a private tour with least hustle experience for you, or arrange the best group tour if you are in budget. 


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