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A new Da Nang in your eyes

Jolie Da Nang Cooking Class

A new Da Nang in your eyes

Over the span of a generation, Danang has transformed itself from a fishing village into the most livable city in Vietnam and is well on its way to becoming a world-class destination.

Just 4 years ago, tourists mainly considered Danang as a starting point to get to Hoi An by way of the international airport. Now, people from all over the world not only visit the popular ancient town, but also make their way to the new emerging city of Danang.

So, the question is, how did it happen?


Take a look at photos of Danang from a few years ago, we are amazed at how fast the city’s infrastructure has expanded: riverside slums have been replaced with stunning avenues connecting the East and West sides. Dirt roads have been turned into green pathways full of trees. Several world-renowned bridges, the pride of Danang citizens, have been constructed. The seaside is now full of many hotels and resorts available for tourists. The municipal space is well organized and suitable for the rapid development of Danang.

Compared with other cities in Vietnam, Danang has done a much better job of creating a modern, environmentally friendly city for locals and visitors to enjoy.

Social Awareness

When people talk about Danang, they talk about the people. Visitors happily describe the locals as helpful, friendly, honest and trustworthy.

Unlike other major cities, where crime rates are always at a high level, Danang is a place where you can freely go out at night or cross the streets without worrying about theft.

Another advantage of Danang is that there are no street beggars here. Sounds amazing, right? For years, the government of Danang has implemented different techniques to reduce the number of beggars and street vendors, with the aim of freeing up the pavement and building a more functional city.

With 100% of local children sent to school, and a wide variety of educational complexes available ranging from primary schools to international institutions, quality education is a source of pride for the people of Danang.

Breathtaking man-made heritage

While not filled with ancient sites like its neighbors Hoi An or Hue, Danang has found a unique way to draw attention by building many outstanding man-made sites. It all started with the Dragon Bridge, the pride and symbol of Danang. More recently, we opened the world’s most impressive pedestrian bridge, located in Ba Na Hills. Photos of the bridge went viral shortly after it opened, which resulted in it becoming one of the most visited attractions in Danang.

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International Events

The International Fireworks Competition and APEC summit conference are some recent examples of the prestigious worldwide events hosted by the Danang government. These events have been organized flawlessly and have helped to improve the image of Danang on an international scale.

Exceptional Service

Have a quick look on social media and traveling forums, complaints about the service industry here are rare. From cooking classes to daily tours, the organizers always do their best to create memorable experiences for their guests. Jolie Danang Cooking Class is one of them.

Danang - a city changing every day to adapt to the rapid expansion of our world retains a unique charm, filled with warm-hearted people, low cost of living and a safe environment.

Well, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and book a ticket to Danang right away!